Meet MAIKEUL: #Kalakar

#Kalakar series will feature artists from all over the globe and explore what drives them!

‘Kalakar’ is an ancient Sanskrit word that means ‘creator’.

Without further ado, meet MAIKEUL -


MAIKEUL describes himself as a visual artist who paints pixels on canvas and turns them into NFTs.

MAIKEUL is a contemporary artist from Paris, France, with a background in design who intends to exhibit his artworks in galleries around the world during the year 2021.

He is passionate about technology and intends to participate in bringing together traditional art players and blockchain-art seekers.

So we asked MAIKEUL a few questions to dig deeper into what drives him. Read on -

When did you realise you wanted to become a creator?

I have been drawing and painting on canvas since I was very young. However, when I bought an iPad, I realized that it is so much easier (no need to buy paint, varnish, brushes, canvases, etc.) to produce works digitally, that I have stopped painting in a traditional way and I started to draw only on iPad.

How were your early years being a creator?

As for most artists, the most difficult for me was to try convincing galleries to exhibit my work. What’s great is that for a few weeks now I have been contacted by gallerists. The exposure that NFTs give is tremendous.

What is your view on traditional art forms?

Physical/traditional forms of artwork are essential. We are only at the beginning of this ecosystem of selling works of art on blockchain. I think that the market will evolve and that it will be necessary for NFT platforms to follow this evolution by offering buyers the ability to receive the physical works corresponding to their NFTs.

What inspired to create NFTs and embrace crypto?

In addition to following the crypto ecosystem for several years, it has allowed me to promote my art in the best possible way!

Who are your inspirations from traditional art?

Totally different artists and styles! Marc Chagall, Romero Britto, Gustav Klimt and Chaim Soutine are some of my favourite artists.

All Night Dancing by Britto
Le petit pâtissier by Chaim Soutine
Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer by Gustav Klimt
Blue Circus by Marc Chagall
Portrait of a woman by Kees Van Dongen

Who do you admire among the NFT creators?

Among the most famous, I would say FEWOCiOUS. Because there is a story and a unique & recognisable style.

What challenges do you face as an NFT artist?

I started by tokenising artworks with a very particular abstract style, which made it difficult for me, at the beginning, to find an audience.

Finally, why did you choose Kalamint to mint some of your work?

What prompted me to look for other platforms and discover Kalamint was first and foremost the huge minting fees on platforms using Ethereum. Using Tezos to tokenise artworks is an undeniable advantage.

Moreover, I’m very proud of being among the Kalamint Founding Guild Members. I think that Kalamint will be a very successful platform as they really ask and listen the artists about what they need. I will give the most I can to help Kalamint becoming a next level art marketplace which will surpass those already existing on Ethereum.

We hope you enjoyed our little talk with MAIKEUL. You can find him and his work by following these links:

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