Kalamint: Bringing NFTs to Tezos

3 min readDec 19, 2020

The team is extremely excited to announce the brand new marketplace for NFTs on Tezos!

The platform will let users create/mint NFTs native to Tezos using the FA2 token standard. It will also enable buying and selling NFTs.

What does ‘Kalamint’ mean?

It was important to us that we represent our users, creators!

With that in mind, we wanted the name to represent ‘ freshness’ and ‘colour’, so we chose the word Calamint.

Calamint is any aromatic Eurasian plant of the genus Satureja (or Calamintha), having clusters of purple or pink flowers.

With that in place, we thought it would be clever to introduce a small change in the original spelling and modify it to ‘Kalamint’.

‘Kala’ represents art, in almost all of the languages native to the Indian subcontinent. The original root lies in Sanskrit.

In all, Kalamint aims to represent art, freshness, and colour!

What is FA2 and why is it important?

FA2 is a unified token contract interface, supporting both a wide range of token types (e.g. fungible, non-fungible, non-transferable, etc.) as well as multi-asset contracts (a la ERC-1155). FA2 aspires to offer wide expressivity to create novel implementations and even invent token types while maintaining a common interface standard for wallet integrators and external developers.

More about FA2 here: https://medium.com/tqtezos/introducing-fa2-a-multi-asset-interface-for-tezos-55173d505e5f

Kalamint V1

Kalamint will go onto Tezos testnet by end of December 2020 where we would invite users to give us feedback and also battle test the contracts and interface to make necessary changes to get ready for a January 2021 mainnet launch.

While we have ambitious plans for Kalamint, we will take baby steps and roll-out features in a phased manner. This helps us listen to our users on every step of the way and co-create a platform that is always relevant to our users.

Features in Kalamint V1

Kalamint V1 will keep things simple and will enable the users to do the following:

  1. Create/Mint: Create NFTs native to Tezos leveraging the FA2 token standard
  2. Sell: List your NFTs on the marketplace by specifying a price in XTZ
  3. Collect: Buy listed NFTs and to either add them to your collection or to sell them later

While we take these features live on Kalamint to get user feedback, we will be hard at work to roll-out newer features quickly. These features would include creation of collections (limited editions), auctions, price discovery curves and DAO.

Creation of NFTs and transactions are extremely cost effective on Tezos. This will benefit both creators and collectors to save a lot in gas fees.

For a full list of milestones visit us at https://www.kalamint.io

KALAM tokens

We also have some exciting news for early adopters!

Every user who creates/mints or transacts on the Kalamint platform will be rewarded KALAM tokens from our “Early Adopter Rewards” pool. This would be a token of appreciation (pun intended) to all the users who will use the platform and give us meaningful feedback.

We will announce the mechanics of the “Early Adopter Rewards” program in a follow-up post. So follow us to get notified!

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-Kalamint Team




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