$KALAM: Tokenomics and Distribution

Introduction to Kalamint

Kalamint is the first community-owned public NFT marketplace on Tezos.

The platform will let users create/mint NFTs native to Tezos using the FA2 token standard. It will also enable buying and selling NFTs.

‘Kala’ represents art in almost all of the languages native to the Indian subcontinent. Kalamint aims to represent art, freshness and colour!

Cost Benefit: Creating, selling and collecting at a fraction of the cost compared to marketplaces on Ethereum.

Ease of Use: You focus on creation, we focus on making the process of creation seamless for you.

The Kalamint Guild: To make Kalamint the best NFT platform, users should be part of the decision-making process and allow the people that understand this ecosystem best to lead the way. This is how the concept of The Guild was born.

KALA Rewards: Every action on the platform earns the users $KALAM tokens that can be staked to get a percentage of the platform fees, used as payment on the platform or for governance.

Fast Curated Onboarding: Kalamint has developed a unique governance system in which a group of artists and collectors — ‘The Guild’ can onboard and verify new artists quickly.

No-Dump Airdrops: The $KALAM governance token will be distributed to artists and collectors of the platform on a weekly basis. To incentivise the holding of the coins, holders who stake their coins will be able to make proposals to ‘The Guild’ and also receive a percentage of the fees of every sale.

Zero Plagiarism Policy: We value the work that any artist does dearly and will not permit any form of copyright infringement in the platform and across platforms by employing a NFT Registry.

What is $KALAM?

$KALAM is the native platform token and $KALAM token’s primary utilities constitute the following:

$KALAM utilities included but not limited to fees, liquidity mining, staking, incentivized platform participation, and community governance.

Token Distribution

$KALAM Token emission details

Total supply of Kalamint is capped at 10,000,000 $KALAM.

1,650,000 $KALAM are allocated to seed round investors and private sale.

Tokens worth USD 200,000 were sold at USD 0.45 each at the seed round. Remaining tokens will be sold at USD 0.54 each at the private round.

Both early stage seed round and strategic private sale investor tokens are vested for 12 months with 15% token being unlocked on listing and rest with daily distribution from day 31 for next 11 months.

4,800,000 $KALAM is allocated for the community in the form of a reward pool.

Total reward pool of 1,600,000 $KALAM distributed to platform participations each year.

This will result in an average emission of 33,333.33 $KALAM per week to platform participants, and 133,333.33 $KALAM every month.

A total of 120,000 $KALAM tokens will be distributed to the founding members of the Kalamint Guild as a one-time airdrop for being the founding members. It will be divided among 24 people of the Founding Guild (employees are not considered, in case there are any). 10% will be released at TGE and the rest will be distributed daily from day 31 for the next 11 months.

300,000 $KALAM allocated for liquidity provision on listing which will be only used for exchange market pools.

1,000,000 $KALAM are allocated for foundation with 24 months vesting for future strategic funding needs, product development and incentives/rewards.

1,750,000 $KALAM tokens are allocated to founders and the team and 0% token will be unlocked until the 6th month. No bulk % token will be unlocked even after 6 months and we will have daily distribution for the next 12 months.

500,000 $KALAM are allocated to advisors with 0% token unlocked until the 6th month. No bulk % token will be unlocked even after 6 months, we have daily distribution for the next 12 months.

Initial Circulating Supply of $KALAM token will be 559,500 i.e 5.595% of the total supply, which is 247,500 from early stage investors and 12,000 from the founding Guild members. 300,000 tokens allocated for liquidity provision of exchanges, these tokens will be available on exchanges for the sole purpose of liquidity pool which means they are locked as well.

So effective Initial Circulating Supply is 259,500 $KALAM i.e. 2.625%

The first NFT marketplace on Tezos

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