When Kalamint was started, the role of the community was of paramount importance and this holds true even today. As a thank you to our extremely supportive community, we are dropping $KALAM, the native Kalamint token to your Kalamint associated wallet.

What can you do with $KALAM?

- Governance on the Kalamint platform

- Payments for the hives (Information to be released soon)

- Payments on the Kalamint platform (Not active currently)

- Staking($KALAM is currently Farming on Crunchy.network)

Who will receive the rewards?

All creators, buyers, and sellers on Kalamint will receive rewards in the form of $KALAM tokens.

It’s UPDATE TIME!! Again! No, really!

- Kalamint now supports Temple, Spire, Galleon and Kukai wallets

- You can now access Kalamint from your mobile device as well as you can connect your Kukai or Airgap wallet from your mobile / tablet.

- You can now earn KALAM rewards by staking your KALAM / XTZ LP share on Crunchy Network

  • Categorization of the ‘Explore’ page.

Platform updates:

You now have a choice of wallets to connect to your Kalamint account. Just click on ‘Connect’ and select the wallet you’d like to connect.

You can stake your KALAM-XTZ LP share to receive KALAM tokens and the farming begins on 24 June, 1800 UTC on Crunchy.network!

The rewards are as follows:

As announced a few days earlier, the Kalamint partnership with The Virtual Ware is taking giant strides in defining what will be the next frontier for NFTs. We believe this is a great start as we head into the future, not just for Kalamint but for the entire NFT space.

In one line, ‘We want to be at the convergence of commerce, digital collectibles and Virtual reality’.

And this collaboration is just getting warmed up.


This is just the beginning of how we are reshaping and interacting with NFTs and all things digital. From the creation of experiential galleries…

It’s Update Time! We have had a very hectic 15 days where we bring to you a bunch of updates!

- Kalamint’s native token $KALAM is now being traded on the Quipuswap exchange.

- Farming on Plenty DeFi is now live. You can now stake your KALAM-XTZ LP to receive PLENTY tokens

- You can now see ‘Recent Bids’, ‘Ending soon’ and ‘Latest auctions’ in the Auction tab of the homepage

- Users can now edit Social and Portfolio linked to your Kalamint account

- More than 12,500 assets are now minted on the Kalamint platform

Platform updates:

  • In the auction tab…

It’s not been long since our Update #1, but here we are with some more updates for you!

In case you missed it:

Platform Updates

  1. You can now view each asset in greater detail. …

Introduction to Kalamint

Kalamint is one of the first curated NFT marketplaces native to Tezos (using the FA2 token standard) where users can mint, sell, buy and auction NFTs.

‘Kala’ represents art in almost all of the languages native to the Indian subcontinent. The brand Kalamint aims to represent art, freshness, and colour in a sustainable way!

Cost-Benefit: Creating, selling, and collecting at a fraction of the cost compared to marketplaces on Ethereum.

Ease of Use: You focus on creation, we focus on making the process of creating seamless for you.

Community Feedback: To make Kalamint the best NFT platform, users should be…

It’s here! Save the date!

The first listing of the $KALAM token is ready. Just after 8 weeks of the platform being fully functional, the $KALAM token is being listed on the Quipuswap exchange and will be open for trading on the 3rd of June, Thursday.

$KALAM Contract Address : KT1A5P4ejnLix13jtadsfV9GCnXLMNnab8UT

Listing time: Between 3 PM and 4 PM (UTC+0)

How to buy $KALAM tokens?

UPDATE: You can buy $KALAM tokens directly from your wallet on listing!

With a new Temple wallet update, you can buy $KALAM straight from your wallet on listing!

  1. Just click on the ‘Temple Wallet’ icon…

In what has been a thrilling past 60 days for all of us here at Kalamint since the launch, there have been plenty of updates, changes, and a whole lotta love from the community!

‘Kalamint Updates’ is going to be a recurring theme where we constantly provide updates on all the cool stuff we’re building over at Kalamint.

In our last push, we released the auction feature. To know more about the auctions, check this link here.

In this push, we bring you quite a few updates.

1. No sign-up needed to buy / place bids on the Kalamint platform.

Auctions now live on Kalamint

For all of us here at Kalamint, our community is at the center of everything we do. When all of you overwhelmingly requested for an auction feature on the platform, we listened. The ‘Auction’ feature is live now on Kalamint.

Auctioning your minted/bought work is simple. Just turn on the toggle function while listing the piece and set your reserve price, minimum raise per bid, and the duration of the auction and you can start your auction.

Here’s a quick guide to Auction your NFTs.

1. Go to the My NFTs tab at the top of your screen on your…


Leader of the Clean NFT movement. One of the first NFT marketplaces on Tezos.

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