Today, version 2 of KALAM rewards for transactions on the Kalamint platform went live which included some major modifications to the way we approach rewards and the impact it has on our users.

After distributing rewards for 5 months (March — August), we realised two drawbacks of the original algorithm.

The Kalamint raffle which allows you to get your hands on exclusive pieces (which are commissioned/owned by the Kalamint team) and are rare 1/1 pieces by fantastic creators is now live!!

We’re going to periodically have art/collectibles/music or even books as the raffle prizes. Just note that these will be…

With users from 184 out of the 193 countries and over 21,000 assets minted, Kalamint has consistently grown month-on-month in the numbers and the volume of sales and we’re extremely excited for the future with interesting partnerships, collaborations, and events on the way.

The Kalamint native token $KALAM has been…

You must be living under a rock if you haven’t heard of NFTs in 2021! NFTs are everywhere but they are scary for a newcomer. So, what are some of the things you should know before minting your first NFT?

Here are a few tips:

Just creating your NFT does not mean assured sales.

It takes time, effort, energy…

NFTs have exploded as high-tech innovations in the crypto space and are taking on variant forms from images to music albums and movies to games. As of today, the majority of the NFT market exists on Ethereum or on the Tezos blockchain network.

But before diving into the NFT world…

When Kalamint was started, the role of the community was of paramount importance and this holds true even today. As a thank you to our extremely supportive community, we are dropping $KALAM, the native Kalamint token to your Kalamint associated wallet.

What can you do with $KALAM?

- Governance on…

It’s UPDATE TIME!! Again! No, really!

- Kalamint now supports Temple, Spire, Galleon and Kukai wallets

- You can now access Kalamint from your mobile device as well as you can connect your Kukai or Airgap wallet from your mobile / tablet.

- You can now earn KALAM rewards by…

You can stake your KALAM-XTZ LP share to receive KALAM tokens and the farming begins on 24 June, 1800 UTC on!

The rewards are as follows:

As announced a few days earlier, the Kalamint partnership with The Virtual Ware is taking giant strides in defining what will be the next frontier for NFTs. We believe this is a great start as we head into the future, not just for Kalamint but for the entire NFT space.

It’s Update Time! We have had a very hectic 15 days where we bring to you a bunch of updates!

- Kalamint’s native token $KALAM is now being traded on the Quipuswap exchange.

- Farming on Plenty DeFi is now live. …


Leader of the Clean NFT movement. One of the first NFT marketplaces on Tezos.

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